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2019 Annual Symposium of the AIB-US-NE

Peace Islands  / 2019 Annual Symposium of the AIB-US-NE
Theme: Global Disruption

2019 Annual Symposium of the AIB-US-NE


On Tuesday, March 26th, Peace Islands Institute had the opportunity to be one of the co-sponsors for the
2019 Annual Symposium of the Academy of International Business-US Northeast Chapter (AIB-US-NE).
Quinnipiac University, the Department of Business and Albert Schweitzer Institute organize the annual
AIB-US-NE Conference which had its first introduction in 2011. The theme of this year’s conference is
Global Disruption. These symposiums offer the opportunity to discuss with international scholars and
practitioners the trends and challenges of the constantly changing world. With the information gained
from these symposiums, universities and their students will be able to gain valuable knowledge to
contribute to their societies.
The speakers of the symposium were, Dr. Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld, Professor of Social Policy &
Management at Brandeis University and Editor Negotiation Journal at Harvard University who addressed
the keynote address on Negotiation at a Time of Global Disruption.
There was a panel discussion on “Trump’s Negotiation Style”. The panelists were Ms. Susan Hackley,
from the Harvard Program on Negotiation, Dr. Eugene Kogan, from the Harvard Kennedy School of
Government and Marton Kis-Dornyei, Head of the Planning Cell for Public Policy, the office of the Hungarian
Prime Minister of Hungary. The moderator of the panel was Dr. Charles Pillsbury, Co-Director, Center on
Dispute Resolution, Quinnipiac University School of Law.
The Luncheon Speaker was Arjet Gega MD, Infectious Diseases, from St. Mary’s Hospital in Waterbury,
CT. The topic of the luncheon was“Disruptions in the Health Sector”.
The last panel of the day was Panel Discussion on Brexit. The panelist was Dr. Sean Duffy., Exec.
Director, Albert Schweitzer Instt. & professor of Pol. Science, Dr. Christopher Ball, Exec. Director, from
Central European Inst., QU, Professor of Economics & Hon. Consul General of Hungary, and Marton Kis-
Dornyei, Head of the Planning Cell for Public Policy, the Office of the Prime Minister of Hungary
The moderator of the panel was Dr. Margaret Goralski, from the Dept. of Strategy & Entrepreneurship
at Quinnipiac University and Chapter Chair, AIB-US-NE.

Location: Quinnipiac University
Date: March 26, 2019
Duration: 1 Day