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Peace Islands Institute (PII) aspires to facilitate a forum of mutual respect and collaboration, both welcoming and accepting varied viewpoints and voices with the intent to develop original and alternative perspectives on vital issues that our society is facing, generate solutions to these issues, support successful practices, thus promoting education, friendship and harmony and acting as an island of peace for all peoples in a society of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

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In a diverse world, where even the farthest point is a click away, every culture, race, religion, tradition and nation become neighbors. We have to live and interact together in this “global island” we call Earth. Peace Islands Institute (PII) serves to act as the soil for fruitful dialogue, peace, and civil service just as the soil on this “global island” gives forth flowers of different colors, scents and shapes. PII envisions a world becoming an island of peace in the ocean of our universe; a community in which people from all walks of life interact with each other and cooperate to serve their communities, thereby strengthening civil society and promoting the development of human values.


•Facilitate unity for building peace, education to eradicate ignorance, welfare to fight against poverty and hunger, progress to promote the development
• To develop original and alternative perspectives on global and social issues as they relate to our lives, as well as present explanations and solutions.
• Support successful practices in peacebuilding.
• Build relationships among diverse cultures and traditions.
• Unite different point of views on common global issues
• Provide educational platforms for global and social challenges.
• Encourage people to actively engage in solving social and global problems of humanity.
• Encourage business owners to be part of a philanthropic economy to end problems like poverty and hunger.
• Provide an atmosphere of peace and understanding for all people, regardless of race and cultural tradition.
• Prepare annual reports for both non-govermental agencies (NGOs) and governmental agencies on social issues.

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